Reinventing Yourself

Surprise Diagnosis Changed Her Life: 'Sometimes It Takes A Crisis For You To Know Who You Are'

Posted 01.17.2013

After 20 years with Avon Products, Gail Blanke successfully launched her own company, Gail Blanke's Lifedesigns, and was living out her dreams. She wa...

WATCH: Hiking Off The Pounds

Posted 01.17.2013

Twenty years into his career as a software contractor, Steve Silberberg ditched the corporate world for the great outdoors. The result was Fitpacking,...

WATCH: Why I Left My Finance Career To Teach Junior High

Posted 10.09.2012

As a compliance manager at a big-name financial services firm, Danielle Coulanges knew she was lucky. Having worked her way up over 20 years in the in...

WATCH: Re-Enlisting At Age 60

Posted 10.09.2012

Neil Gussman enlisted in the Army straight out of high school at the height of the Vietnam War. Badly injured in training, he never went overseas, but...

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