Outdoor Exercise

Chasing The Exercise High

Shari Danielson | Posted 02.08.2013
Shari Danielson

Exercise too often gets relegated to chore status on the same level as brushing your teeth or clipping your toenails, and performed only as a means to a quantifiable end the likes of "130 pounds" or "Size 6."

Here's Why Your Dog Is A Better Exercise Buddy Than Your Husband

Posted 01.25.2013

You know what they say about man's best friend, but could man's best exercise buddy be a canine, too? The science is in dog-lovers' favor. "Dogs pr...

Weekend Poll: What Is Your Go-To Form Of Exercise?

Posted 11.21.2012

Are you a gym buff? A swimmer? A cyclist? A casual jogger? This weekend, we want to hear what you like to do to get your heart pumping. Vote in our po...

WATCH: Hiking Off The Pounds

Posted 01.17.2013

Twenty years into his career as a software contractor, Steve Silberberg ditched the corporate world for the great outdoors. The result was Fitpacking,...

50 Ways To Burn 100 Calories Outside

Posted 08.30.2012

There’s no more powerful motivator to get moving than fresh air and sunshine, so when the weather is beckoning you outdoors, heed its call! With su...

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