Nature Valley

WATCH: Hiking Off The Pounds

Posted 01.17.2013

Twenty years into his career as a software contractor, Steve Silberberg ditched the corporate world for the great outdoors. The result was Fitpacking,...

The Best Amateur Nature Photos Taken Right Here In The U.S. (SHARE YOUR OWN)

Posted 07.26.2013

As the last few weekends of summer draw near, the great outdoors always seems to beckon louder than ever. For the adventurous set, it’s both an exhi...

New Beginnings For Yellowstone's Pronghorn

Joe Josephson | Posted 09.30.2012
Joe Josephson

Pronghorn are commonly touted as "the world's fastest land animal over distance." But faced with a mere 19 square miles of poor winter habitat, the last remaining Yellowstone herd has been squeaking by for decades at around 200 animals.

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