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What You Need To Know About Great Sex At 30, 40, 50 And Beyond

Posted 02.13.2013

How’s the sex? It depends a lot on your age and life stage. Sexuality is nature’s gift to us at birth, developing as we age and peaking someti...

Are You Still In Love?

Posted 02.11.2013

“If you have to ask … ” isn’t at all the case. Sometimes people can fool themselves thinking that they’re in love when they’re not. Others...

Accepting The Winds Of Change

Shari Danielson | Posted 01.08.2013
Shari Danielson

Moving now into winter, I leave behind a version of myself that no longer exists. In its place is a woman who is more capable, more resilient, more evolved. Like the bare tree that awaits the tender, green shoots of spring, I stand ready for what comes next.

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