Healthy Desserts

Cake Walk: 9 Sweet Slices With 200 Calories Or Less

Posted 04.22.2013

Cake isn’t so much just dessert as the sweets equivalent of a fireworks finale. Which is why birthdays, weddings and similarly special days get deno...

Desserts For Dieters: 11 Sweet Treats With 150 Calories Or Less

Posted 04.03.2013

Have your cake (or cookie, parfait, mousse, trifle or bar) and eat it too with 11 sweet treats, all 150 calories or fewer per serving....

INFOGRAPHIC: Which Chocolate Is Best for You?

Posted 02.19.2013

So chocolate is good for you, potentially helping to lower blood pressure and risk of heart disease. We’re jazzed about the emerging science, too. B...

Better Thanksgiving Countdown: 13 Holiday Desserts And Drinks To Save Room For

Posted 11.19.2012

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Live Better America is counting down the easiest ways to make the big meal healthier — but no less delicious. So...

Chilled Desserts: 14 Sweet, Waist-Friendly Ways To Cool Down After Dinner

Posted 08.14.2012

The frozen dessert may just be summer’s sweetest culinary gift. At the end of yet another scorching August day, there’s just something about a sco...

Lemonade-Inspired Recipes For The Perfect Lazy Day

Posted 07.30.2012

Got a standby signature lemonade recipe that never fails to please? Why not lemonade-ify your desserts, punches and teas while you're at it? Here are ...

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