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These Unexpected Household Objects Can Actually Help With Portion Control

Posted 01.17.2013

Do you ever wonder what portion size actually means? It varies among food groups and is usually a lesser amount than we tend to eat. Watch the video a...

WATCH: 5 Foods You Should Be Eating More Of

Posted 01.17.2013

Want to makeover your lifestyle in a way your heart will love? It's actually surprisingly easy to do. In this episode of Healthified, we've got heart-...

Fall Camping: 4 Essential Tips For Staying Healthy In The Great Outdoors

Posted 01.17.2013

Camping can be hard work, but as any nature buff will attest, the truth of the matter is that between the fresh air and beautiful sights (fall foliage...

WATCH: Your Restaurant Visit, Healthified

Posted 01.17.2013

Dining out: delightful for your tastebuds, fun for your family, and potentially devastating for your waistline. While eating in a restaurant can turn ...

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