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(Almost) Just Like Mom Used to Make: 14 Classic Family Recipes, Healthified

Posted 05.10.2013

There’s nothing more soothing than eating a meal made with love by Mom. Dishes like mashed potatoes, meat loaf and casseroles are the ultimate comfo...

DIY Date Night: 11 Restaurant-Style Meals You Can Make (And Make Better) At Home

Posted 03.22.2013

It’s easy to default to dining out when cooking just doesn’t seem to be in the cards, but the calories that come with restaurant food aren’t alw...

5 Genius Mac 'N Cheese Makeovers With A Healthier Twist

Posted 11.01.2012

How is it that macaroni and cheese is both a staple of childhood and go-to comfort food for grown-ups? Few dishes are so straightforward: Its name is ...

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