Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Here's Why Your Dog Is A Better Exercise Buddy Than Your Husband

Posted 01.25.2013

You know what they say about man's best friend, but could man's best exercise buddy be a canine, too? The science is in dog-lovers' favor. "Dogs pr...

9 Quick Fixes For Common Food Vices

Posted 10.23.2012

We all have our diet busters: those foods we know aren’t exactly the healthiest choices but that we just can’t seem to resist. The good news is th...

When And Why To Throw Portion Control Out The Window

Posted 10.11.2012

We hear it over and over: portion control, portion control, portion control if you want to lose weight. And it's true: As a general rule, the more foo...

How Your Leftovers Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds This Year

Tara Gidus | Posted 10.09.2012
Tara Gidus

I had a roommate in college who always left a few bites on her plate. "It's my diet," she would joke.

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