It's Not Just You: Loneliness During The Holidays

Kitty Shea | Posted 02.19.2013
Kitty Shea

Being alone doesn't necessarily mean being lonely, just as being around people doesn't automatically erase loneliness. Worn-out marriages. Friendships where we wait and wait to be asked "And how are you?" and acknowledged as owning a heartbeat. Crowded gatherings where everybody is feeling some "belong" vibe that has apparently skipped us over.

Accepting The Winds Of Change

Shari Danielson | Posted 01.08.2013
Shari Danielson

Moving now into winter, I leave behind a version of myself that no longer exists. In its place is a woman who is more capable, more resilient, more evolved. Like the bare tree that awaits the tender, green shoots of spring, I stand ready for what comes next.

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