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Questioning The Paleo Diet?

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl | Posted 07.16.2013
Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Are we "meant" to drink milk? No other mammal, after all, drinks milk after infancy, and certainly not another species' milk. Are we "meant" to eat cake? Bonobos and chimpanzees don't eat cake, and they're our nearest living relatives. But we are not bonobos nor, for that matter, any other mammal.

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9 Quick Fixes For Common Food Vices

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When And Why To Throw Portion Control Out The Window

Posted 10.11.2012

We hear it over and over: portion control, portion control, portion control if you want to lose weight. And it's true: As a general rule, the more foo...

WATCH: Your Restaurant Visit, Healthified

Posted 01.17.2013

Dining out: delightful for your tastebuds, fun for your family, and potentially devastating for your waistline. While eating in a restaurant can turn ...

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