Dessert Recipes

Desserts For Dieters: 11 Sweet Treats With 150 Calories Or Less

Posted 04.03.2013

Have your cake (or cookie, parfait, mousse, trifle or bar) and eat it too with 11 sweet treats, all 150 calories or fewer per serving....

Yes, This Exists: Guilt-Free Valentine's Day Chocolate

Posted 02.11.2013

Beautiful chocolate desserts are everywhere this time of year, and if you’re watching what you eat (good for you!) it might seem like Valentine’s ...

Beyond Bread And Butter: 27 Recipes You Never Thought You Could Pull Off Using Biscuits

Posted 07.26.2013

Weather-weary foodies, rejoice: Comfort food season is here! At last, it's time to reward yourself for a year well-spent and indulge a little in the h...

Lemonade-Inspired Recipes For The Perfect Lazy Day

Posted 07.30.2012

Got a standby signature lemonade recipe that never fails to please? Why not lemonade-ify your desserts, punches and teas while you're at it? Here are ...

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