INFOGRAPHIC: Leafy Greens 101

Confused by kale? Flustered by frisée? Use this greens cheat sheet to differentiate your farmers market finds and learn the nutritional benefits — and how to select, store and prepare — all those leafy green lovelies.

greens infographic

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  • Pea Perfection

    This pea, strawberry, pineapple and banana smoothie contains just 190 calories and 1/2g of fat per serving. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Super Strawberry

    This flavorful, energy-boosting drink combines broccoli, avocado, strawberries and yogurt for 250 calories per serving. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Broccoli Power Punch

    Mango and pineapple add a tropical flavor to this refreshing breakfast or any-time snack. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Obviously Orange

    At just 140 calories per serving and 1/2g of fat, it’s crazy how delicious these mango, carrot juice and broccoli smoothies taste! <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Luscious Lemon Drop

    These taste like lemon drops in a glass, thanks to lemon sherbet that adds the perfect amount of sweet and tart flavor. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Spa Refreshers

    Take your taste buds to the spa with this light and refreshing drink, made with cucumber and lime yogurt for only 100 calories per serving. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Sweet Sensation Spinach

    If you keep frozen fruits and vegetables on hand, you'll always be prepared to make this refreshing drink, which packs amazing flavor with peaches, spinach, pineapples and lime. Ready in just 8 minutes! <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Beginner Green Spinach

    Sweetened with strawberries and orange juice, this green smoothie is a great way to start your day, with 170 calories per serving. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Super Athlete Spinach

    After a run or a workout, this hearty smoothie will refresh and restore, with its combination of spinach, Greek yogurt, avocado and berries. <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

  • Triple Treat Antioxidant

    Three berry flavors combine with broccoli to make these delicious bright pink smoothies at 150 calories a pop! <a href="">Get the recipe</a>

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