WATCH: The Best Smoothie Power Pairings For Spring

Chocolate soy milk, natural peanut butter and banana. Spinach, apples and light peach yogurt. In the video above, Daniel Green, The Better Cook, shows us how to mix up these power pairings into tasty smoothies that provide plenty of nutrients to get you through an active spring day.

"'Power pairings' shows you what two great foods can do together," Green says. "To some people, [eating well is] daunting. They think, 'Well, unless I do 100 percent it's not going to work for me.' That's not true! If you have fresh fruit, if you have fresh vegetables, just by having extra, that's only going to benefit."

Check out his recommendations, and then let us know in the comments: what are your favorite smoothie power pairings?

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