Spring Fitness: The Best Mobile Health Apps Of 2013

Lengthening days and rising temperatures bring new bursts of energy and a renewed determination to slough off the winter blahs and prepare for the skin-baring season ahead. Here are six great fitness and wellness apps that will help you do just that.

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  • MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (free)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Download it here.</a> This app not only helps you track how many calories you consume and burn. It also makes recommendations for your daily calorie budget based on several factors, including targeted weight, desired rate of loss, activity level and weekly workout schedule. Its food database is beyond extensive, making calorie counting a cinch.

  • Simply Being – Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence ($.99)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Download it here.</a> How can sitting quietly and doing nothing for a few minutes seem so daunting? Let this app lead the way with recorded guided meditations ranging in length from five to 20 minutes, with optional music or nature sounds lending some extra ambiance for ultimate release and centering.

  • C25K 5K Trainer (free)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Download it here.</a> All your excuses for staying inside are melting along with the ice on the sidewalks. This app promises to get you from couch potato to 5K finisher in eight weeks. It lets you listen to your own playlists from within the app and has audio commands to help you pace your workouts. It even tells you when it’s time to head out the door again, but don’t worry — time for rest and recovery is built into the training plan.

  • MapMyRide (free)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Download it here.</a> Whether you’re looking for new routes to try on your trusty bicycle or want to geek out over your stats (like average pace and elevation change) post-ride, this is the app for you. It uses your phone’s built-in GPS to follow your path, speed and distance, all while letting you listen to music, take calls and stop for photo opps along the way.

  • Pedometer PRO GPS ($2.99)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Download it here.</a> You can finally stop counting under your breath as you go for your daily constitutional. This app turns your phone into an accelerometer that tells you with crazy precision how many steps you’ve taken, your pace, distance and calories burned. It even has a tool to help you determine your heart rate. Take a look at your route on a satellite map when you’re through, and pat yourself on the back.

  • Yoga Studio ($2.99)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Download it here.</a> Even the most flexible yoga instructor can’t fit into your pocket. That’s where this app comes in. With 30 classes in HD video ranging in length from 15 to 60 minutes each, a library of 280 poses with instructions and advice, and the ability to cobble them together to create your own sequences, this app is perfect for everyone from beginners to yoga instructors looking to design new classes.

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