Living Forward: Watch Jillian Bullock's Amazing Story About Life After Teen Prostitution And Be Inspired (VIDEO)

It's safe to say the odds were against Jillian Bullock from the beginning. By age 15, the Philadelphia native was already a murder witness, rape survivor and homeless teenager, having been kicked out of her home after an incident with her abusive stepfather. Hitting rock bottom, she turned to prostitution to keep a roof over her head.

But what happened next may surprise — and inspire — you. In this episode of Living Forward, we sit down with Jillian, now 51, to learn how she found the strength to persevere, and how she's helping others to do the same.

Living Forward is a video series brought to you by Live Better America. Join us as we highlight 24 hours in the lives of people who have used the wisdom of their experiences to bring meaning to their lives and value to those around them.

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