The Envelope, Please: 12 Recipes For Hollywood's Big Night

Get ready to don your best red carpet black-tie... this menu of awards show-themed recipes is a reel — er, real — show-stopper. Whether you've watched all of this year's nominated flicks or not, these cinematic appetizers and cocktails are worth inviting the neighbors over for a watch party that's sure to get two thumbs up.

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  • The Coming Attraction: Blackberry-Basil Spritzer

    <strong>Calories:</strong> 45 <strong>Fat:</strong> 0g <strong>Saturated Fat:</strong> 0g <strong>Sodium:</strong> 25mg <a href="">Get the Blackberry-Basil Spritzer recipe</a>

  • The Nom-Nominees: Sweet Potato Mini-Latkes

    <strong>Calories:</strong> 90 <strong>Fat:</strong> 1g <strong>Saturated Fat:</strong> 0g <strong>Sodium:</strong> 250mg <a href="">Get the Sweet Potato Mini-Latkes recipe</a>

  • The Red Carpet Arrivals: Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta

    <strong>Prep Time:</strong> 10 min <strong>Total Time:</strong> 20 min <strong>Servings:</strong> 12 <a href="">Get the Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta recipe</a>

  • The Blockbuster: Meatballs with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce

    <strong>Calories:</strong> 110 <strong>Fat:</strong> 3.5g <strong>Saturated Fat:</strong> 1g <strong>Sodium:</strong> 200mg <a href="">Get the Meatballs with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe</a>

  • The Foreign Favorite: Shrimp Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce

    <strong>Calories:</strong> 70 <strong>Fat:</strong> 0g <strong>Saturated Fat:</strong> 0g <strong>Sodium: </strong>230mg <a href="">Get the Shrimp Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce recipe</a>

  • The Dark Horse: Grilled Portabella Mushrooms with Herbs

    <strong>Prep Time: </strong>20 min <strong> Total Time:</strong> 1 hr 20 min <strong>Servings: </strong>4 <a href="">Get the Grilled Portabella Mushrooms with Herbs recipe</a>

  • The Envelope Please: Gluten-Free Clementine Martini

    <strong>Prep Time:</strong> 10 min <strong>Total Time: </strong>10 min <strong> Servings:</strong> 1 <a href="">Get the Gluten-Free Clementine Martini recipe</a>

  • The Golden Moment: Clementine-Almond Ginger Cream

    <strong>Prep Time: </strong>15 min <strong>Total Time:</strong> 30 min <strong>Servings:</strong> 6 <a href="">Get the Clementine-Almond Ginger Cream recipe</a>

  • The Acceptance Speech: Healthified Chocolate Crepes

    <strong>Prep Time: </strong>20 min <strong>Total Time: </strong>35 min <strong>Servings:</strong> 8 <a href="">Get the Healthified Chocolate Crepes recipe</a>

  • The Curtain Call: Amaretto Cheese-Filled Apricots

    <strong>Calories:</strong> 40 <strong>Fat: </strong>1g <strong>Saturated Fat: </strong>0g <strong>Sodium: </strong>20mg <a href="">Get the Amaretto Cheese-Filled Apricots recipe</a>

  • The Get This Show On The Road: Spiced Dessert Coffee

    <strong>Calories:</strong> 30 <strong>Fat:</strong> 0g <strong>Saturated Fat: </strong>0g <strong>Sodium: </strong>5mg <a href="">Get the Spiced Dessert Coffee recipe</a>

  • The Black-Tie After-Party: Tuxedo Cream Cheese Brownies

    <strong>Prep Time: </strong>15 min <strong>Total Time: </strong>1 hr 55 min <strong> Servings: </strong>24 <a href="">Get the Tuxedo Cream Cheese Brownies recipe</a>

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