Living Forward: Joyce O'Brien On Life After Recovery From Stage IV Breast Cancer

Former Wall Street executive Joyce O'Brien is not one to simply accept the hand she's been dealt. Following a grim cancer diagnosis at 33 — soon after the birth of her daughter — she overhauled her lifestyle in dramatic fashion, cleansing and detoxing while also receiving conventional radiation treatments and ultimately making a miraculous recovery.

But cancer was just one of the life-altering events that Joyce faced with a remarkable optimism that propelled her to turn her luck around. Now 47 and cancer-free, Joyce has left her Wall Street career behind to become an author and speaker, inspiring others to live a healthy life even in the face of adversity.

"If someone's been diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that I'll say to them is that there is hope," Joyce says. "We truly can create miracles. I'm one of them."

Living Forward is a video series brought to you by Live Better America. Join us as we highlight 24 hours in the lives of people who have used the wisdom of their experiences to bring meaning to their lives and value to those around them.

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  • Self Exam Tip #1: Feel Them Out.

    If doing proper self-exams just isn’t happening, at least get in the habit of poking and pressing around so you know when something’s abnormal.

  • Self-Exam Tip #2: Let Your Partner Do The Honors.

    Have your sexual partner routinely give you a breast “exam.” Can’t imagine there will be much resistance.

  • Bra Tip #1: Get Over It.

    Horrified at the idea of having the nice woman at the department or lingerie store fit you for a bra? She’s seen it all and doesn’t care. Think doctor’s appointment.

  • Bra Tip #2: Outfit Your Daughters.

    Owning cute, stylish bras can help young girls better accept their developing bodies. Let them experience the importance and joy of nice undergarments early.

  • Clothing Picks Tip #1: Wear What Works.

    If you’re self-conscious about your breasts, forgo trends and stick with looks proven to complement your shape.

  • Clothing Picks Tip #2: Tank The T-Necks.

    Turtlenecks on busty women outline every curve and, on ladies 40-plus, drop breasts mid-torso. Scoop necks lift the visual line for a more flattering look that, ironically, is less “Hey, check out my assets!”

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