Homemade Christmas Food Gifts: 24 Amazing Recipes For Edible Holiday Cheer

When a gift is homemade it’s everything a gift should be: sincere, loving and generous in ways that so transcend store-bought. Creating something yourself infuses it with thought and feeling, with meaning. Food gifts take it up a level because they come from the very place — your kitchen — where you lavish care on your nearest and dearest: your family. All of which is unspoken when you hand over pretty packages of sweets or savories, but it resonates loudly and clearly.

Homemade food gifts come with a built-in pass, too. If you want to make the same thing for everyone, do so. Everyone eats, after all, and your creative efforts deserve maximum play. Food shows no favorites, and recipes easily adapt to fit your list’s length: Just double, triple or quadruple, and neighbors, hostesses, office mates, clients, service providers, teachers and whomever else can all receive the same wonderful thing. No strings, only ribbons, attached.

Nothing so important happens without a plan, however, and the recipes below are ready starting places. Enjoy!

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  • Holiday Meringues

    <a href="">Get the Holiday Meringues recipe</a>

  • Ginger-Almond Biscotti

    <a href="">Get the Ginger-Almond Biscotti recipe</a>

  • Meringue Candy Canes

    <a href="">Get the Meringue Candy Canes recipe</a>

  • Spiral Snowmen Cookies

    <a href="">Get the Spiral Snowmen Cookies recipe</a>

  • Gingerbread Marshmallows

    <a href="">Get the Gingerbread Marshmallows recipe</a>

  • Strawberry Fruit Dip

    <a href="">Get the Strawberry Fruit Dip recipe</a>

  • Pistachio-Cranberry Divinity

    <a href="">Get the Pistachio-Cranberry Divinity recipe</a>

  • Iced Molasses Cookies

    <a href="">Get the Iced Molasses Cookies recipe</a>

  • Healthified Dark Chocolate Truffles

    <a href="">Get the Healthified Dark Chocolate Truffles recipe</a>

  • Licorice Wands

    <a href="">Get the Licorice Wands recipe</a>

  • Pumpkin-Rum Pistachio Loaf

    <a href="">Get the Pumpkin-Rum Pistachio Loaf recipe</a>

  • Easy Festive Peppermint Marshmallows

    <a href="">Get the Easy Festive Peppermint Marshmallows recipe</a>

  • Chocolate-Filled Meringue Snowballs

    <a href="">Get the Chocolate-Filled Meringue Snowballs recipe</a>

  • Healthified Strawberry-Nut Thumbprints

    <a href="">Get the Healthified Strawberry-Nut Thumbprints recipe</a>

  • Hazelnut Biscotti

    <a href="">Get the Hazelnut Biscotti recipe</a>

  • Orange-Frosted Cranberry Cookies

    <a href="">Get the Orange-Frosted Cranberry Cookies recipe</a>

  • Yogurt Holiday Almond Cookies

    <a href="">Get the Yogurt Holiday Almond Cookies recipe</a>

  • Espresso Cereal Bars

    <a href="">Get the Espresso Cereal Bars recipe</a>

  • Chocolate Crinkles

    <a href="">Get the Chocolate Crinkles recipe</a>

  • Chocolaty Meringue Stars

    <a href="">Get the Chocolaty Meringue Stars recipe</a>

  • Raspberry-Chocolate Muffins

    <a href="">Get the Raspberry-Chocolate Muffins recipe</a>

  • Snappy Ginger Strips

    <a href="">Get the Snappy Ginger Strips recipe</a>

  • Healthified Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

    <a href="">Get the Healthified Red Velvet Whoopie Pies recipe</a>

  • Double-Ginger Cookies

    <a href="">Get the Double-Ginger Cookies recipe</a>

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