Living Forward: Ken DeLeon On Resilience In The Face Of Personal Tragedy

They say life isn't fair, and it seems likely that no one knows this better than Ken DeLeon. At age 40, the successful Palo Alto-based real estate agent has already had to overcome the suicide of his sister, a cancer diagnosis and a violent hit and run incident that landed him in the hospital for three weeks. But rather than give up, Ken has emerged from each personal tragedy with a renewed sense of positivity and strength — and a first-place ranking among real estate agents in the United States by The Wall Street Journal, with $275 million in sales in 2011.

"I realized that you can't control your life," he says, "but what you do with that event is completely within your power." Now, Ken is using the lessons he's learned through his struggles to motivate others to overcome their own adversity and live for the present. Join us in this episode of Living Forward to find out more about his remarkable journey.

Living Forward is a new video series brought to you by Live Better America. Join us as we highlight 24 hours in the lives of people who have used the wisdom of their experiences to bring meaning to their lives and value to those around them.

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