Turkey Leftovers: 15 Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

The day after Thanksgiving, you're probably asking yourself one or more of the following questions:

1) If I don't remember how much I ate last night, none of it counts, right?
2) Do I really have to go holiday shopping already?
3) What on earth am I going to do with all of this leftover turkey?

If it's the annual leftovers conundrum on your mind, you've come to the right place. Here are 15 clever and never-boring recipes to help you turn yesterday's turkey into tomorrow's gourmet — and actually good-for-you — lunch.

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  • Homemade Turkey Soup

    <a href="">Get the Homemade Turkey Soup recipe</a>

  • Lemony Turkey Primavera Skillet

    <a href="">Get the Lemony Turkey Primavera Skillet recipe</a>

  • Caribbean Turkey Stew

    <a href="">Get the Caribbean Turkey Stew recipe</a>

  • Spinach and Turkey Enchiladas

    <a href="">Get the Spinach and Turkey Enchiladas recipe</a>

  • Turkey and Pepper Hoagies

    <a href="">Get the Turkey and Pepper Hoagies recipe</a>

  • Turkey Salad Sandwiches

    <a href="">Get the Turkey Salad Sandwiches recipe</a>

  • Turkey-Wild Rice Salad

    <a href="">Get the Turkey-Wild Rice Salad recipe</a>

  • Turkey Clubhouse Salad

    <a href="">Get the Turkey Clubhouse Salad recipe</a>

  • Slow Cooker Herbed Turkey and Wild Rice Casserole

    <a href="">Get the Slow Cooker Herbed Turkey and Wild Rice Casserole recipe</a>

  • Turkey Mole Chili

    <a href="">Get the Turkey Mole Chili recipe</a>

  • Chipotle Turkey Chili

    <a href="">Get the Chipotle Turkey Chili recipe</a>

  • Turkey Barbecue Sandwiches

    <a href="">Get the Turkey Barbecue Sandwiches recipe</a>

  • Turkey, Bacon And Avocado Wraps

    <a href="">Get the Turkey, Bacon And Avocado Wraps recipe</a>

  • Tomato-Turkey Stew With Gremolata

    <a href="">Get the Tomato-Turkey Stew With Gremolata recipe</a>

  • Fruited Turkey Salad

    <a href="">Get the Fruited Turkey Salad recipe</a>

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