7 Indoor Exercise Swaps For Cold-Weather Workouts

Sure, it’s easy to slumber under warm blankets a little longer in the fall and winter months, but cooler weather needn’t be an excuse to ditch your workout. Even if you’re not feeling up to braving the great outdoors, keep your fitness momentum going — and your body in shape for your favorite outdoor sport — with these easy indoor workout swaps. Added bonus: Changing up your routine every few months can help keep you from hitting a fitness plateau. Maintain balance during the colder months by trying out some of these ideas!

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  • Mountain climbers for outdoor running.

    This exercise is great for strengthening your core and legs. The quick pace gets your heart rate up stay in shape for running. Begin on the floor in plank position (on all fours, with back parallel to ground), then shuffle one foot forward into the lung position and quickly alternate feet.

  • Jumping rope for tennis.

    The calf- and upper body-toning workout will help you stay in tennis shape during the winter months. It also keeps your feet moving quickly so you can glide across the tennis court.

  • Home resistance band for kayaking.

    You can get a total-body workout with a resistance band, however, it is excellent for training the upper back. Wrap the band around a pole or attach it to a door, then pull back and do standard rows, high row, and reverse flies. With these three moves, you’ll be in shape when it’s time to get back on the water.

  • Treadmill intervals for track workouts.

    No need to sacrifice your speed (or sanity) to the cold weather. Challenge yourself by changing your pace every few minutes. Interval workouts will get you out of your comfort zone and show your muscles how to move at a faster pace.

  • Burpees for flag football.

    Increase your cardio endurance and strength with burpees. Stand upright, then jump down into a squat with hands and feet on the ground; kick your feet back into plank position, squat again and then jump upward as high as possible. Repeat.

  • Squat jumps for beach volleyball.

    Squat jumps will be sure to keep your glutes and thighs in shape, and will help develop quick power in your leg muscles.

  • Yoga for walking outdoors.

    Do yoga in the comfort of your home or at the local studio. Yoga is more than a flexibility exercise; it is calming to the mind and body – quite like taking a long summer stroll. Meditation and relaxation are key components to physical health, and what better opportunity to develop that mental muscle in the winter months?

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