Soup And Sandwich Pairing Guide: 9 Classic Soups And The Sammys That Complete Them

Waiter, there’s a sandwich in my soup! At least, here’s hoping there is. Really, is there any better pairing? From tomato basil with grilled cheese, to clam chowder with fish filet, the soup and sandwich combo makes the perfect dinner for a cozy night in — unpretentious, yet packed with flavor; comforting, yet easy to vary.

So with soup season now in full swing, we’ve partnered with Progresso to bring you our favorite soup and sandwich pairings for dinnertime. These soups are ripe for dunking, so read on for the sandwich recipes that go best with them, and plan tomorrow’s supper while you’re at it. Then, discuss: which sandwiches do you usually pair with your favorite soups? Share your go-to soup and salad combos and any great pairings we missed in the comments!

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  • Chicken Noodle Soup & BLT

    Could this be the most comforting comfort food combo there is? The cozy simplicity of this meal is perfect for dinner on a chilly autumn weeknight. For a lighter and more unique take on the BLT, try this Healthified Bacon And Edamame Wraps recipe, which has 57 percent less saturated fat than the original. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/healthified-bacon-and-edamame-wraps/44df939a-0398-4974-bb56-b1f6938b79e7?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Healthified Bacon And Edamame Wraps recipe</a>

  • Beef Pot Roast Soup & Vegetarian Reuben

    The vegetarian version of this fan-favorite sammy pairs perfectly with a hearty pot roast soup. The Eastern European flavors of the Reuben are a delicious complement to the savory beef. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/vegetarian-reuben-sandwiches/08e2ad0b-9afa-4ab8-bac2-1670e39e4832?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich recipe</a>

  • Potato And Bacon Soup & Veggie Roll-Ups

    Pair this hearty soup with a light veggie wrap, like this Healthified Pepper Roll-Up, to complete your dinner. It's easy to put your own spin on this meal by varying the roll-up ingredients: try spinach or tomato wraps, or throw in some shredded carrots or zucchini for extra crunch. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/healthified-pepper-roll-ups/125049ef-95b5-4a3b-b8cc-97118359f119#?st=6&term=sandwich&ps=9&pi=9?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Healthified Pepper Roll-Up recipe</a>

  • Minestrone Soup & Mediterranean Chicken Panini

    Supplement the Italian flavors of a classic minestrone soup with a chicken panini that's made with tomatoes, garlic and oregano on a ciabatta roll. The toasty goodness of the sandwich is even better when dipped in the soup! <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/healthified-mediterranean-chicken-panini/0df647c0-9c8c-41bd-a8d6-c540930c037e?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Healthified Mediterranean Chicken Panini recipe</a>

  • New England Clam Chowder & Lemon-Pepper Fish Filet Sandwich

    If you're in a seafood mood, try this fish filet sandwich coated with lemon-pepper seasoning with your clam chowder. The citrus flavors and crunchy texture of the sandwich balance the creaminess of the chowder. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/lemon-pepper-fish-fillet-sandwiches/6c0be500-7324-4635-aacf-9c2b67076d2d?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Lemon Pepper Fish Filet Sandwich recipe</a>

  • Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

    Honestly, is anything better together than grilled cheese and tomato soup? To elevate this classic pair, try adding mushroom and pepper to the sandwich, and opt for whole wheat bread. It's sophisticated enough for dinner, yet remarkably quick and simple to make. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/mushroom-pepper-whole-wheat-sandwiches/9d3bd989-1802-422e-8479-e789e56ff940#?st=6&term=sandwich&ps=9&pi=9?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Mushroom And Pepper recipe</a>

  • Lentil Soup & Hummus And Goat Cheese Sandwich

    This meatless meal definitely won’t leave you feeling hungry. The Mediterranean flavors in both the soup and the sandwich are simply excellent together. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/roasted-garlic-hummus-and-goat-cheese-sandwiches/40bfea48-d780-487c-a5a2-04cefd266b2c?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Roasted Garlic Hummus & Goat Cheese Sandwich recipe</a>

  • French Onion Soup & Italian Beef Sandwich

    French onion soup is traditionally made with beef broth, so pair it with a sandwich made from a leaner cut of meat, to pick up on all of those rich flavors in the soup without going overboard on calories. This Healthified Italian Beef Sandwich has 73 percent less fat than the original recipe. Just pop the meat in the slow cooker in the morning, and come home to a fabulous and flavorful dinner that night! <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/healthified-italian-beef-sandwiches/36962605-db75-41ef-9fc2-8cc8524d41ff?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Healthified Italian Beef Sandwich recipe</a>

  • Southwestern Vegetable Soup & Santa Fe Foldover

    The best of the Southwest! This hearty soup contains corn, black beans and rice, so pair it with a veggie Santa Fe Foldover -- the flavors complement each other but the overall meal won't be too heavy. <a href="http://www.livebetteramerica.com/recipes/santa-fe-foldover-cooking-for-2/8fccfaeb-fbc6-44ea-adcd-51be4420ea81?nicam5=PARTNERSHIPS&nichn5=AOL&niseg5=TDCORE_LBA&esrc=16549" target="_hplink">Get the Santa Fe Foldover recipe</a>

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