Healthified Survival Guide: Camping Edition (VIDEO)

Camping can be hard work, but as any nature buff will attest, the truth of the matter is that between the fresh air and beautiful sights (fall foliage, anyone?), any amount of time spent outdoors ultimately feels good. So, how can you plan your next camping trip to ensure that you'll return home healthy and relaxed?

Meet your very own Healthified Survival Guide: Camping Edition. In this episode of Healthified, we'll show you which foods and supplies to bring along on your outdoor adventure to keep you feeling energized and comfortable, and surprisingly easy ways to motivate yourself to get outside and enjoy the best of nature.

Healthified is a new video series brought to you by Live Better America, where we'll show you how to apply simple, do-able shortcuts to make life better and more enjoyable. Healthified: Great tips for a healthier you.

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