Living Forward: Danielle Coulanges Quit Finance To Teach Junior High

As a compliance manager at a big-name financial services firm, Danielle Coulanges knew she was lucky. Having worked her way up over 20 years in the industry, she had a good job with great benefits. But as her career ground on, "it never felt like I was contributing something really meaningful," Danielle says. She wanted more.

So, when Danielle's firm offered her a severance package in 2009, she took it, moved her family to Houston and got certified to teach junior high school. Three years later, at age 58, Danielle is a French teacher and a part-time recording artist. "I believe that you're never too old to live your dreams or pursue something that will make a difference," she says.

Join us in this episode of Living Forward as we hear Danielle's inspiring story.

Living Forward is a new video series brought to you by Live Better America. Join us as we highlight 24 hours in the lives of people who have used the wisdom of their experiences to bring meaning to their lives and value to those around them.

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