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Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
Award-Winning Food and Wine Writer

Questioning The Paleo Diet

Are we "meant" to drink milk? No other mammal, after all, drinks milk after infancy, and certainly not another species' milk. Are we "meant" to eat cake? Bonobos and chimpanzees don't eat cake, and they're our nearest living relatives. But we are not bonobos nor, for that matter, any other mammal.

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Kitty Shea
Executive Editor, Live Better America

Moms Also Raise Each Other

Come Mother's Day, I can't pay homage -- "momage" -- enough to my mom. But the day also belongs to my mom friends, to whom I send massive bouquets of light and gratitude. Thank you for being so kind, so solid, so there. Thank you for making me a mom in the fullest, funnest sense of the word.

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Anthonia Akitunde
Founder of mater mea, www.matermea.com

4 Things Adult Children Should Know About Giving A Mother's Day Present

A woman needs more than the typical gifts all moms smile through every Mother's Day.

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Marlo Thomas

10 Tips for Great Sex in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

There's an old saying that sex is one of three topics of conversation that shouldn't be brought up at the dinner table (the other two being politics and religion). And that's the fun thing about having a website: it's not the dinner table! So let's talk sex -- especially great sex for those in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

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Melissa T. Shultz
Essayist, Award-Winning Journalist

Dogs Aren't People... Are They?

Our dog Benjamin will be 13 this fall. There won't be a bar mitzvah or a confirmation, but we'll note the occasion with some extra treats, and maybe one of those singing birthday cards that he loves to destroy.

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Pat Gallagher
Celebrity/Entertainment Journalist, www.twitter.com/@pat_gallagher

Tim Allen: In Search Of A Midlife Crisis

Tim Allen is not having a midlife crisis. He's been too busy to deal with such a thing. He seems free and clear of doing anything irrational to make himself feel young and invincible.

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Kitty Shea
Executive Editor, Live Better America

Don't Judge My Plate

We've all gotten "the look" or a lecture as we buttered a dinner roll or consumed its equivalent sin. "What? What am I doing wrong? The fat in the butter? The dairy? The white flour in the roll? The yeast?" Receiving other people's unsolicited dietary advice only tightens my grip on my fork and whatever's on it.

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Ronna Benjamin
Managing Editor/Boston www.betterafter50.com

How to Avoid Empty Nest Syndrome

We are writing this letter to assure you that we are just fine. But we don't get to give you advice 24/7 now, so we hope you will read this, memorize it and refer to it often as the years go by, as it can serve as your guide to avoid Empty Nest Syndrome when your own children are grown.

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